Gourd Art

The Fifth Migration

The Fifth Migration depicts five juvenile Whooping cranes migrating with their ultralight parent and symbolizes the fifth ultralight-led migration of Whooping cranes conducted by Operation Migration and the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership in 2005.

The art piece was donated to Operation Migration and purchased by a supporter who then presented it to a friend who was retiring and moving to New Zealand. In Operation Migration’s guest book, the recipient of the gift wrote the following: “…as a heartfelt donation to continue helping the whoopers on their way, my friend Mary gave me one of the Vickie Henderson gourds….It captures the essence of this whole experience we're all able to share in and we all love so much.… I can't wait for someone in NZ to see it and ask me to tell them the story behind it. If you want to 'take someone's breath away', or see someone weep instantly - give them this gourd!”

The 9 x 6 inch basket is created from a hard shell gourd, decorated with wood-burned original art, colored with dye and acrylic paint and finished with pine needle coiling.

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