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Author and illustrator of the delightful Craniac Kids Whooping Crane Activity Book, Vickie Henderson has partnered with Operation Migration to provide complimentary copies of this publication to educators for their classrooms.   

After introducing children to the magnificent whooping crane, the book takes the reader through the magical story of how a young whooping crane chick learns to follow costumed handlers and ultralight aircraft 'parents' on its first migration journey south. 

The 32-page book is packed with fun facts, illustrations to color, and activities designed to stimulate imaginations of all ages and stir excitement about conservation.  

Marsha Davis, bird columnist for the Knoxville News Sentinel, has this to say about the activity book: 

"Vickie has a special bond with whooping cranes that comes from her personal experiences with these magnificent white birds and her desire to help wildlife.  Her connectedness to her subjects and keen powers of observation are evident in her artwork - Henderson's birds look just right.

Not every artist can paint a bird and get the shape, posture, habitat just right.  It takes many hours of observation plus familiarity and appreciation for each species.

For Henderson, this book is more than just a learning tool.  She states:  'I want it to introduce young minds to possibilities, the endless possibilities that are available to us when we use our imaginations and apply dedication, hard work and cooperation.'  The true story of humans teaching birds to migrate shows imagination is invaluable when it comes to helping wildlife."

To see a sample of the book's inside pages, visit Vickie's blog page:  Whooping Crane Activity Book--A Fun Peek Inside.

Order your copy or complimentary copies for the teachers you know by visiting Operation Migration's website: Whooping Crane Activity Book

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