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Red-shouldered Hawk Territory

Red-shouldered Hawk Territory, A Sketchbook Journey Through Nesting Season, is the chronicle of my experiences while sketching and observing a nesting pair of suburban Red-shouldered hawks.

Encountering these hawks quite by accident and in the unlikely circumstance of a business meeting, they immediately captured my intrigue with their acceptance of humans and their accessibility.  Even as I embarked on this four-month journey, I never expected to witness the intimate behaviors I encountered nor the surprising interactions that helped me strike the important balance between observation and interference.

As much a book for the aspiring naturalist as the artist Red-shouldered Hawk Territory will take you deep into the lives of these hawks and into the personal experiences, both delightful and frustrating, that transformed this endeavor into a journey of discovery.

I hope that reading and browsing this journal will inspire your thoughts, stir questions, make you wonder what you would have done differently, and, hopefully, send you searching for your own observation opportunity with a favorite species. 

Red-shouldered Hawk Territory includes my sketchbook record of observations plus additional sketches and notes as I observed this pair of hawks throughout a nesting season. Sketches include the hawks in many circumstances, as well as, the suburban habitat in which they lived, and the many other species that inhabited Red-shouldered hawk territory.  

This simple, 50-page, sketchbook-sized book is packed with full color illustrations and designed to both inspire and entertain the bird-loving artist in everyone! 

"Few people have the opportunity to share their yards with Red-shouldered hawks, but, for all of us, this story is an inspiring example of peaceful co-existence and the joys and rewards of sharing our home territories with wildlife." --Vickie Henderson
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